Who we are

Who we are.

G. Baboulis and Partners Premium Real Estate is a team of professional real estate advisors, headed by Giorgos Baboulis. Our team offers both experience and expertise to our clientele. We specialize in providing elite services for the buying and selling of luxurious listing properties in Athens and Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Halkidiki,Crete and all over Greece as well as numerous other luxury properties and services.

Our affiliation with numerous other Real Estate Offices across the country offers us an extensive reach across Greece and an extensivenetwork of buyers and sellerswhich has augmented our local resources, allowing us to exponentially leverage and empower our team, stakeholders, and luxury clientele. In addition to these affiliations, we have worked extensively with numerous international agents, affording us unique access to thousands of international buyers that come to visit Greece every year in search of luxury real estate properties and investments.

Our experience in providing full-service, our luxury real estate representation experience for clients includes all aspects of Greek real estate as specialists in Mykonos real estate sales, seaside mansions across greater Attica region and Thessaloniki, homes for sale in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Crete and Halkidiki.

Our brokerage spans transactions ranging from single-family residential, luxury estates, private villas, leasing, luxury vacation rentals, development and resort and hospitality.

• Specialists in Luxury Real Estate Sales and Marketing
• Real Estate Buyer Representation and Acquisitions
• International Global Property Specialists
• Short-term and Vacation Rental Consulting
• Real Estate Capital and Financing
• Real Estate Development
• Luxury, Concierge, and Hospitality Services

Our mission is to delight clientele of real estate buyers and sellers, partners and team members with our hard work, professionalism and results. Our knowledge of the Greek market is unparalleled and we assist our each and every client with their specific needs. Our state-of-the-art process includes marketing, listing and selling of new and resale luxury homes, villas, estates, mansions, residential communities, condominiums, home sites, undeveloped land and commercial and investment opportunities. Our team is creative, innovative and a people-oriented organization providing opportunity, personal satisfaction and rewarding challenges to all members of the firm.


Accountability – Responsible for our actions that influence the lives of others.
Collaboration – Collaborating within and outside the company to give the best.
Commitment – Dedicated to provide great service that turns promise to reality.
Diversity – Respecting the diversity and giving the best of the composition.
Empowerment – Entitling employees to take initiative and give their best.
Innovation – To create new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
Integrity – To act with honesty and the best intention, and to always keep our word.
Leadership – Display the courage to lead from front and shape the future.
Passion – Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best.
Service Excellence – Giving the best with world-class service and achieving excellence.